¿Cross body bag or Bum bag?

In recent times we have seen thatthe fanny packs have come back with a lot of force and they have done it to stay, becoming one of the main trends in accessories for men, and inthe best alternative to the shoulder bag. 

 The truth is thatboth options stand out for the comfort and functionality they offer, and they are shown as safe bets with which you will not fail to complete your most informal and carefree looks, especially during the summer season, where we free ourselves from jackets and coats, and the bag takes on a greater role. 

 But when choosing one, all kinds of doubts arise, andWe don't know whether to bet on the shoulder bag or the fanny pack. As we have mentioned, you will be right with both, but below we are going to give you some tips to help you choose and, above all, to get it right. 

Shoulder bag, an essential in your wardrobe

For its comfort, functionality and versatility,theshoulder strap It is an essential in your wardrobe, which also has the ability to completely transform any look, quickly, effortlessly and without the risk of failing, since they combine absolutely with everything. 

It is one of the quintessential men's bags, and the key to its success is thatshoulder bags offer endless possibilities when combining them, as well as in functionality, since they allow you to comfortably carry all your daily essentials. This has made them one of the first options for off-road men who have a hectic pace on a daily basis and need maximum comfort. 

Among its main advantages over the fanny pack, it should be noted thatthe shoulder bag has a larger capacity, so it will allow you to carry more things, like any other bag, without sacrificing comfort, since the shoulder bag is possibly the most comfortable bag of all, allowing you to carry weight without straining your neck and back muscles. 

Also thatthe shoulder bag is perfect for any occasion, whether to go to the office, to go for a walk or to go out to dinner. With multiple options available, there are shoulder bags that adapt to all styles, looks and situations, with which you will be right whatever you wear and wherever you go.go. 

Fanny pack, the star trend of summer 2021

Once we have talked about the shoulder bag, now we are going to focus onthefanny pack, the star trend of summer 2021, which after spending a few years in oblivion, has returned to reaffirm its reign in our wardrobes, and has done so through the front door. You just have to take a look at the profiles of the maininfluencers to check. 

 In fact, even if you want to resist its charms, we assure you that sooner or later,you will end up succumbing to the fanny pack trend, mainly because of the great comfort they offer, and because they give a lot of play in the most informal styles, providing a touch of distinction and originality that you will love. 

 It is without a doubt the most modern complement that we can access, standing out for offering the usual comfort, withreinvented and sophisticated designs that adapt to the new times, which leave no one indifferent. 

 Among its advantages, without a doubt,highlight the great comfort and functionality of the waist bag, superior even to that of the shoulder bag, with the drawback that they are smaller and offer less capacity, which means that there are times when it is not the best option, unless we leave out some of our essentials of the day a day. 

 Comfort triumphs in the world of fashion, andthe fanny pack has become the star accessory of thestreet style, both for its more casual style and because it will allow you to go anywhere with your hands free. And, far from being a passing trend, we assure you that fanny packs are going to flood the streets and are going to stay for a long time.


Shoulder bag or fanny pack, which one to chooser?

Once we have reviewed both options,It's time to choose between the shoulder bag or the fanny pack. Obviously, everything will depend on the tastes and needs that we have, but in our opinion,the key is in the look we wear, since a fanny pack may not be the best option to carry witha suit and tie, don't you thinks? 

 In addition,It will also depend on what you want to take, since the fanny pack is smaller and when it comes to loading it, it limits you quite a bit. If you only need to carry your mobile and house keys, the belt bag will be perfect. 

But why have to choose just one? In our opinion,, both the shoulder bag andor the fanny pack are two essential accessories in the bottom of the wardrobe,giving you a more original and different touch that will allow you to go to the latest and set trends.

I thoughtal is to have both models, andchoose the one you like best depending on the occasion and the look you are wearing. Because as always, in the variety is the taste.