Shipping policy

During the state of alarm decreed in Spain, the delivery period may vary for reasons totally unrelated to the company.

The delivery time of the product in Spain peninsula will depend on the delivery system that you have established with the different transport agencies. In general, the time can be estimated between 1 and 4 days but sometimes, some products may exceed these estimated times for various reasons such as assembly, manufacturing or other similar factors that may exceed this shipping time. Matties Bags informs the User that the purchase will be understood to be formalized from the moment the User receives -at the email address indicated during the contracting process- confirmation by Matties Bags that the purchase has been made correctly . The delivery time outside the Spanish territory will not exceed thirty (30) days if the store decides to sell its products abroad.

Matties Bags will deliver its products through the agency of transport contracted for such purposes. The product will be sent to the address exactly provided by the User in the form that is filled in to make the purchase through our WEB. For this reason, the User is requested to check, prior to the formalization of the purchase, that they have correctly entered their contact information. In this sense, Matties Bags is exonerated of any responsibility in the event that the delivery of the product cannot be executed or is executed with delay due to the data being inaccurate or incomplete, due to the absence of the User or due to Force Majeure. "Force majeure" shall mean all those causes that could not have been foreseen, or that were still unavoidable, and that result in the breach of any of its obligations. Among them, but not limited to, strikes, both by their own workers and by other workers, insurrections or riots, as well as regulations issued by any civil or military authority, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, lightning or fires, wars, lockouts or any other force majeure situation.

 The User is reminded that in no case will expenses be charged for the transport and delivery of the product at the time of receiving it (except when Cash on Delivery is chosen as payment method, which will apply an extra charge of €5, which corresponds to the management that the agency of transportation makes of cash).