In addition to, of course, fulfilling an aesthetic function that helps us achieve a round look, the bag also fulfills an equally important or even more: it allows us to carry everything we need when we are away from home.

But of course, as with the rest of the elements of our outfit, choosing it many times is a complicated task and without a doubt one of the questions we ask ourselves the most is whether the bag should be large or small.

In this post we are going to highlight the advantages of the small bags widely used at this time of year.

In summer our clothes are usually more colorful and with more details, so a good choice is to choose a small and minimalist bag.

In addition, we tend to overload our maxi bags because we see them too big and we don't want to leave anything out of it. In the end, we put so many things in because we see it so practical that it fills up and sometimes the weight is unbearable. With a small one, we force ourselves to bring what is necessary.

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