Are you a Cross body bag or Backpack? Designs for your comfort

The bag has always been an essential element for every woman, but for a long time, the modern and current man also needs a complement for his day to day, that allows him to carry his documents, the computer, the keys, the agenda, etc. . 

And, both men and women, increasingly value comfort and also health when choosing their bags, especially when they are for daily use. Hereshoulder bags and backpacks come into play, probably the two most comfortable types of bags that exist, which also take care of the health of the back and prevent possible injuries. 

This has madeshoulder bags and backpacks have become one of the main options for men and women, with the aim of getting a bag that allows them to carry all their things comfortably, without hurting their backs and of course, without sacrificing style. 


Advantages of using a shoulder bag or backpack in your day to day


Definitely,comfort is the main advantage of carrying a shoulder bag or a backpack. Both options are much more comfortable than conventional bags, allowing you to carry a greater amount of weight without straining your neck and back muscles. 

Also, by carrying them on your back or shoulder,they are easier to carry and keep your hands free, so they offer greater freedom of movement, which is undoubtedly very welcome in your day to day life, especially if you are in a hurry. 


Although there are large bags, generally,shoulder bags and backpacks offer greater capacity than conventional bags, which is a great advantage if you are a person who needs to carry a lot of things with you. 

And, to a greater capacity, we must add that there are manymodels that include different compartments that favor organization, allowing you to carry everything more tidy, optimize the available load to the maximum and distribute the weight appropriately. 


On the other hand, it should also be noted thatthe shoulder bag and backpack provide a different style, which will allow you to create a more appropriate look to go to the office, full of personality. They will offer you the distinction you are looking for, being valid options for any occasion. 

watch your back 

And, one of the main advantages is thatshoulder bags and backpacks take care of the health of your back. It has been shown that the bag, especially when used daily and carrying a lot of weight, is harmful to the back and increases the risk of suffering some type of injury or discomfort, such as possible deviations of the spine, lumbar pain, muscle overload, contractures, etc. 


Lastly, we wanthighlight the versatility of the backpack and shoulder bag, since both options combine with all kinds of looks, and are suitable for any occasion, both to go to the office, to go for a walk, to go on an excursion, to go out to dinner or eat, to go on a trip, etc. They will be a sure hit wherever you go and whatever you wear. 

Let yourself be conquered by the backpacks and shoulder bags of Matties Bags 

We love them, and therefore,at Matties Bags we bet heavily on backpacks and shoulder bags, and we have a wide selection with a multitude ofmodels for both women and men, which have stylish designs that will allow you to go to the latest and enjoy maximum comfort. 

With many models to choose from, thenwe show you some of the shoulder bag designs andMatties Bags backpacks highlights, which we know will fit what you are looking for, will adapt to your needs and your style, and will also offer you extra comfort. 

Women's backpacks and shoulder bags

In Matties Bagsyou will find the backpack or thewoman shoulder bag what are you looking for, being able to choose from a wide variety of different models depending on your style, the idea you have in mind and the use you are going to make. 

Among them,Eastshopper bag with shoulder strap from the Fandom Series is one of our favorites, and also of our clients. It is a large bag with a very elegant design, whichincludes detachable shoulder strap with slider so you can comfortably carry it on your shoulder. And, if you prefer, you can also carry it as a handbag. 

In asophisticated black color, has a high-quality leatherette finish, has atextile lining interior and it has two zippered pockets, one inside and one on the back. 

And, as for women's backpacks,we highlight thisbackpack from the Backpacks Series in taupe color, which sports a modern design and stands out for its high functionality, allowing you to enjoy all the advantages of comfort without losing style. 

Made in Spain, it is a high-quality leatherette backpack withsliding handles for easy adjustment, with dimensions of 28x33x9cm. 

Men's backpacks and shoulder bags

Backpacks and shoulder bags are the quintessential bag for him, andat Matties Bags we have a wide selection of men's shoulder bags and backpacks, among which we highlight two models above the rest. 

On the one hand, thisNylon Sport backpack in black, which has an elegant sport design that will fit perfectly in any situation, andwill provide the sophistication you are looking for to all your looks. It will be your best ally on a daily basis. 

With a textile lining interior, it hassliding handles that facilitate its adjustment and offer maximum comfort, and is prepared to carry a laptop up to 10.2 inches. 

And, on the other, we highlight thisbrown shoulder bag from the Reportero collection, which shows off a modern and youthful design, ideal for completing your most carefree casual-style looks. 

Ismade with two types of imitation leather, one of them canvas effect, designed in Spain, and hasdifferent compartments closed with zip, which allow you to carry all your essentials comfortably, by means of a sliding shoulder strap. 

You already know, shoulder bags and backpacks are in fashion, and at Matties Bags you have a large collection in which you will find endless models that are perfect for you. You will want to take them all.