Leather, the best ally for your accessories

Theaccessories accompany us in our day to day and put the final touch to ouroutfits, giving us functionality, personality and distinction in equal parts. Totally protagonists, their importance is much greater than we might think, being able to extol any look we wear or, on the contrary, ruin it.


Therefore, it isIt is important to bet on accessories made of high quality materials, that can improve our outfits, that allow us to make a difference and that offer us the maximum possible durability. Especially those accessories or accessories that we use in our day to day and that are exposed to high wear.


And, among the different materials available, without a doubt,leather is the best ally for your accessories, standing out as a high quality product that offers multiple advantages, distinction and high durability.


Henceat Matties we bet on leather to make most of our accessories, since it is a material that is a safe bet, with which we achieve the best results and allows us to guarantee our clients the quality they deserve. The difference compared to other alternatives is more than significant.


Main advantages of leather accessories compared to other materials



If we talk about the advantages offered by this material, the most notable is thegreat leather durability, especially if it is high-quality leather.


skin is avery durable and resistant material, which is kept in perfect condition without the passage of time being a problem and without the need for high maintenance, guaranteeing an impeccable image at all times.


This is because it is a material of ahigh thickness, much less prone to breakage and wear, which also, for its finish, wicks away moisture, holds its shape and is highly heat resistant. Hence, it is the most used for the manufacture of bags, wallets or shoes.


Therefore, although its price is slightly higher than other materials, it is certainly worth it, sinceleather is a material that offers excellent profitability, which ages perfectly and has a shelf life up to five times longer than other alternatives.


It is natural and biodegradable

Another of its main advantages is thatleather is an organic material of natural origin and totally biodegradable, which is totally respectful with the environment, since it does not need to be treated with chemical materials, as is the case with other similar synthetic fabrics.

does not cause allergies

Being completely natural and free of chemicals,the skin does not produce allergies when it comes into contact with our skin, nor the symptoms derived from these: itching, redness, sweating, discomfort, etc.


Therefore, leather is a material suitable for all audiences and ages, which is totally safe and, in addition, offers ahigh freshness, breathability and comfort.



Theaesthetics of leather accessories is far superior to that of other materials, offering greater elegance, sophistication and naturalness, which will give a leap in quality to any style we have in mind.


And, if we take into account that the main objective of accessories is to complete and improve our looks, betting on leather is betting on the safe side.


To all this, we must add thatleather is a timeless material, which never goes out of style and is always a trend. Hence, it is one of the most profitable materials that we can find, since accessories made of leather can continue to be used for many years without them looking outdated.


Tips to care for leather accessories and keep them in perfect condition

Despite the fact that it is a very resistant and durable material that hardly needs maintenance, and that ages perfectly, then we are going to give you somekey tips to take care of your leather accessories, with which we guarantee that they will remain in the best conditions, without the passage of time being any problem.



It's advisablemoisturizing the skin from time to time to prevent it from cracking. There are different products in the market in the form of cream, which will allow you to provide the hydration that your accessories need in the simplest way.



Like any other material,the skin must be cleaned to remove all the accumulated dirt. To do this, it is best to use a damp cloth without applying any additional product to remove dust or dirt, and then apply a special cream for fur and leather.


Our advice is to clean your leather accessories regularly, in order to prevent excess dirt from accumulating, and to proceed with cleaning in a more comfortable and simple way.


run away from plastic

Leather and plastic are not good friends, therefore,avoid storing your leather accessories in plastic bags or containers, since the plastic will not allow the skin to breathe properly, which could lead to the appearance of mold or fungus. Our advice is to store them in cloth bags, in places that are ventilated, free of moisture and away from sunlight.


Don't load them too much

On the other hand, even though it is very resistant,skin may sag under weight, for this reason you should not load the accessories in excess, to prevent them from being deformed over time.


Once we know the main advantages offered by this material,At Matties we have a wide and exclusive catalog ofleather bags for women, all of them made with 100% natural leather of the highest quality, which will offer you the best results, adapt to your needs and exceed your expectations.


You can choose between onewide variety of women's accessories made of leather, which will offer you the highest quality, will adapt to your style and will give any outfit a leap in quality. Are you going to miss them?