The best handbag sales for women

Almost without realizing it, we have plunged into 2022 and,¿what better way to celebrate the new year than by getting yourself a bag sounds good right?  

We know it and, to celebrate it in style,At Matties we bring you the best sales of bags for women, so you can get the latest trends in bags at simply irresistible prices that will leave you speechless. 

One of the most anticipated moments, the sales arethe ideal occasion to get the perfect bag at a special price, and give yourself that whim that you deserve so much, without having to make an excessive outlay. 

¿You like the idea Well, make yourself comfortable and get ready to enjoy our exclusive discounts on women's bags of up to 40%. We guarantee that you will find the bag you are looking for and that best suits your needs, since we have a wide and varied selection of bags that adapt to all styles and will give a leap in quality to your most special looks. Are you going to miss them?  

Enjoy up to 40% discount on our women's bags

hobo bags

we have onelarge selection of bagshobo discounted which you will not be able to resist. Perfect for day-to-day use, they are characterized by a design similar to that of a half-moon-shaped bag, a short handle, a flexible structure and a high capacity that allows you to carry all your essential basics with you comfortably, and without giving up the style. 

Thehandbagshobo they are one of the most desired of the season, combining style and comfort in equal parts, and have become amust have that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. 

With different options available,you can get himbaghobo Waves Series at an exclusive price. A pursehobo of great capacity perfect to complete any look you have in mind, with a simple yet elegant design in leather. 

tote bags

Thehandbagsshopper they will be one of the most desired of our sales, especially for those women who love large bags who love to carry their house on their backs. 

Absolutely essential,shopper They arepossibly the most practical and versatile type of bag, since they allow you to take with you everything you want, combining perfectly with all kinds of looks, both the most casual and the most elegant. 

¿You still don't have yours Well take advantage of our sales to get thisfandom series zipper tote bag. It is a bagshopper in black with the highest quality imitation leather finish, which has an exclusive and modern design that will win you over from the first moment. A crush at first sight, it is an opportunity that you should not miss. 


In theMatties sales are not lackinghandbags, the quintessential bag to complete your most elegant looks that accompanies you to your most special events, such as weddings, parties, cocktails, etc. 

They provide sophistication, combining practicality and comfort in equal parts, and among the different options you have available,we highlight theRhombus Series tote bag. 

A beautiful handbag that has the perfect dimensions to carry everything you need without overloading your style, andincorporates a handle to carry it as a shoulder bag. With a tricolor geometric design, it will give you the distinction you are looking for. 

Women's backpacks

Thewomen's backpacks are trendy, have become the best alternative to conventional bags and, of course, they are not lacking in our sales. 

You have a large selection of backpacks to choose from that will give you great comfort, capacity, style and versatility, while keeping your back safe. Perfect to enjoy a plus of comfort and add personality to your looks,one of our favorites is thisWomen's backpack from the Forge Series. 

Amodern backpack with a very original design that will allow you to go to the latest, providing sophistication and a great personality to all your looks. With dimensions of 25 x 29 x 10 cm, it will become your great ally in the closet. 

Women's shoulder bags

Thewomen's shoulder bags are protagonists in the sales of Matties, extolling itself as one of the most coveted pieces for their comfort, because they are trendy and because they are authentic all-rounders that you can take anywhere and with any look, without giving up an iota of sophistication. 

You have a wide variety of designs to choose from that will fit your style and adapt to what you are looking for, such as theLinden Series shoulder bag,sporting an elegant color design with a high quality leatherette finish. 

Perfect to wear both on a daily basis and in your most sophisticated looks,you can also carry it as a handbag. An unmistakable style that will not go unnoticed. 

Wallets and purses

AND,don't lose sight of ourwallets and purses On sale, since we offer you an exclusive collection of models that show off modern, original and, above all, practical designs, which will adapt perfectly to your needs, providing comfort and style in equal parts. 

If you need to renew your wallet,pay attention topurse from the Lady Bug collection. One of our favorites is a beige purse with a fun drawing of a ladybug, made of natural leather, which includes different compartments for cards and a purse with a zipper closure. 

You already know, if you need to renew your bag,in Matties are the best sales on bags for women, where you will find a large collection of bags of all kinds, all of them of high quality and with exclusive designs, at simply spectacular prices. Come in, discover them and get yours.