The perfect accessories for your day to day

Complements and accessories are of fundamental importance in our daily lives, both in terms of functionality and style, to the point that at Matties we dare to say that there is no perfect look without good accessories.

And this is valid for both women's and men's accessories, since when we talk about accessories, we always tend to think of women's accessories, but the truth is that men's accessories have the same or even more importance.

Because a accessory is capable of transforming and solving any outfit, providing greater sophistication, distinction and, above all, functionality.

We know it, and for this reason we are going to show you what, in our opinion, are the perfect and essential accessories for your day to day, that you cannot miss, that will improve your outfits and offer you extra comfort. Are you going to miss themr?

Accessories for men and/or women that you cannot miss


How could it be otherwise, we had to start by talking about bags, which are the quintessential feminine accessory, which is totally essential regardless of the outfit we wear or where we go, and which is responsible for putting the icing on the cake to any look. They do not require an introduction, basically because they do not need it and because we are all aware of its importance.

With multiple options available depending on the style of each one and the occasion, if we talk about essentials, there are three types of bags that stand out above the rest, and that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

The first are the shoulder bags, which provide us with great functionality, comfort and style in equal parts. We could say that they are off-road bags, since they fit into any look and are valid for any occasion. In addition, they are very comfortable and usually have enough capacity, which allows us to carry all our day-to-day essentials.

On the other hand, there are the handbags, a must to complete your most special and elegant looks, providing a plus of sophistication without sacrificing comfort, since they have the right size to carry your essentials.

And we end with the shopping bags, essential for those women who do not want to leave anything at home. They will allow you to carry your house on your back, and since you never know when you will need them, every woman should have one.

Backpacks and shoulder bags

For those occasions in which we seek the greatest comfort without giving up style, backpacks and shoulder bags are completely safe bets, fulfilling the same function as the conventional bag, but with an extra comfort that is greatly appreciated.

Ideal for day to day, they fit perfectly in the most informal looks, and in our opinion, they are the best option for those demanding days in which we don't stop for a minute.

Likewise, they are the best allies for traveling, since they will allow us to carry everything we need while we are sightseeing and we go through the cities from top to bottom with total comfort.

With a wide variety of options available, at Matties we also have an exclusive collection of backpacks and shoulder bags for men, which are increasingly in demand among the male public.

Men's backpacks are perfect for traveling, playing sports, carrying the computer, etc. Every man has one, or at least should.

While shoulder bags are the quintessential male bag, fulfilling the same function, but with a masculine aesthetic that will put the icing on the cake to any look.


We continue with another totally essential accessory for both men and women. Exactly, we refer to the wallets, fundamental to carry all our cards, documentation, cash, etc.

It is a unisex accessory, and how could it be otherwise, we have women's wallets, which show off very exclusive and feminine designs, putting at your disposal a wide variety of available models so that you can choose the one that best fits your style and best suits your needs.

And of course, also with men's wallets, probably the quintessential male accessory. With different formats and designs to choose from, all of them are made of the highest quality leather.

fanny packs

We also want to make a special mention of the fanny packs, which in recent times have gained great prominence, to the point that they have become a practically indispensable accessory, both for men and women.

The key to their success is that they offer great functionality and comfort, and also provide an original and different touch that will fit perfectly with the most casual looks.


An accessory that goes unnoticed, but is just as important, especially for businessmen, is the briefcase, key to carrying the most important documentation without giving up style, quite the opposite, since a briefcase brings elegance and style .


Makeup bag

And we finish the ranking of essential accessories with the toiletry bag, a accessory that every man and woman should have, since it is key to being able to carry all the toiletries when we go on a trip or to the gym.

Very useful, the bag allows you to comfortably carry all your toiletries and cosmetics, with the added value that it will keep them perfectly organized, always having them at hand.

Although there are many more, in our opinion, these are the most essential accessories that every man and woman should have, both for aesthetics and functionality. And best of all, you can get all of them at Matties, where we offer you a wide catalog with multiple options to choose from, all of them of the highest quality. Are you going to miss them?